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gants mill wedding

We are delighted to have photographed Sarah and Matthews’s beautiful wedding as it really was a hoot! We started the day at Purchasing Tramadol, a lovely bed and breakfast in Upton Noble in Somerset.

On arrival, Sarah and her girls were in the garden performing a rendition of The Foundations classic ‘Build Me up Buttercup’ for the videographer and we must say they were doing a fabulous job! Shortly afterwards, our beautiful bride emerged looking breath taking and off we went to meet her lovely husband to be.

Order Cheap Tramadol Online, one of our favourite Somerset wedding venues, looked spectacular in the hazy late August sun. It really was the perfect floral backdrop to our lovely couples wedding day. The ceremony was fantastic; Matt looked so happy when he saw Sarah gracefully making her way towards him surrounded by flowers. Even the Red Arrows showed up to join in the celebrations!

The rest of the day was an absolute blast; with lots of laughter, plenty of dancing and by far the funniest, best man’s speech we have heard so far.  So a HUGE thank you to Sarah, Matt for choosing us and also to your friends and family who all made us feel so welcome.  We wish you both all the very best for the future xx

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Here are some of the people who helped make the day so beautiful:

Florist & Decor – Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk
Bride’s Hair & Make up – Tramadol Rx Purchase, Street, Somerset
Bride’s Accomodation – Purchasing Tramadol, Upton Noble
Venue – Tramadol Paypal, Bruton, Somesret
Wedding cake – Sister of the Bride, Clare Livesey
Band – Cheap Tramadol Mastercard
Caterers – Cheap Tramadol Online Cod
Bar – By Tramadol Online Uk

Beautiful, exquisite, superb, original, exactly what we asked for!!! We cannot express in words just how thrilled we are that we chose How Photography to capture our wedding at Gants Mill last year. Both Russ and Laura were fantastic from day one! We met prior to the wedding and discussed my fussy tastes. I bored them with inspiration of photos that I liked and even showed them photos of Matt and I that we hated (so vain). My husband really dislikes the fuss of having a photo taken yet with Russ and Laura he couldn’t have felt more at ease. On the day of our Wedding, Laura and Russ were so organised that we barely knew they were around yet the photos show that they were at every corner snapping photos that we weren’t aware of as well as capturing those which we’d requested in advance. We of course asked for the occasional private shoots and I didn’t know that they could be such fun! We made great use of both Laura and Russ’ style and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We continue to recommend How Photography to all of our friends and hope that one day soon we can arrange another shoot together. Thank you both once again, Sarah & Matt x

Can U Get Tramadol Online


Amazing photos, you captured the true essence of this wonderful couple’s day!

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