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elmore court

Ahh, Melanie and Luke!  What a gorgeous couple to photograph.  Their wedding was at the glourious Purchasing Tramadol in Gloucestershire on an absolute scorcher of a day back in July.  I met Melanie at Elmore Court where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids before heading just down the road to St John the Bapist Church in Elmore.  Luke was nervously waiting and quite emotional as Melanie arrived in her bright red Mini.  Then is was back to Elmore Court for drinks, canapés and lawn games.  It was such an easy going and happy day which made photographing it a joy.  We took a few portraits outside after the drinks reception before the most enormous bouquet toss I’ve ever seen (check it out!).  Then there were several speeches before an epic first dance after which the guests joined them to party the night away.  Congrats Melanie and Luke!

elmore court

“Russ was the photographer at our July wedding at Elmore Court in Gloucester. He is a consummate professional and worked hard all day to be in the right place at the right time in order to catch all of the little moments that make up the day. Having said this, he was a master of disguise, managing to be “there but not there” and to blend into the crowd. His hard work paid off and we were absolutely delighted with the results. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Our vicar was of the same persuasion, saying Russ was the best photographer he’d ever worked with.” – Melanie & Luke


Love the bride prep shots, fabulous venue, amazing images

Beautiful photos and story of the day, you showed this really well.

Beautiful couple and venue!! I can tell you enjoyed this wedding, you’ve captured all the magic!!

Beautiful images. Especially love the set during the speeches – so much emotion! Also love colours during the evening couple shoot! P.S. The bride wore green shoes? They are gorgeous!

The couple has a really lovely connection. Beautiful photos. Great job.

So many great moments – they must be thrilled with these – top work Russ!

Elmore is such a great venue. Fantastic storytelling here Russell.

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