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coombe lodge wedding photographerJulie and Craig are one of those naturally happy couples that just don’t stop smiling and what a treat it was to shoot their wedding at the beautiful Purchasing Tramadol in Blagdon, Somerset.  Julie and the girls spent the morning getting ready Order Cheap Tramadol Online in North Somerset whilst Craig and the guys donned their kilts at home in Bristol.  Spirits were high all morning despite the persistant wet weather which didn’t seem to be going anywhere!  There was a wonderful Catholic church ceremony at Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk followed by a fun, champagne filled bus ride back into Somerset and Coombe Lodge for the evening reception.  Vintage busses don’t really like to go much abover 25 miles per hour, so we were quite late arriving at Coombe Lodge!  The staff there are marvelous though and managed to juggle timings around so everything ran smoothly, the food was perfect and nothing was missed.  After dinner the skies cleared long enough for us to grab some relaxed portraits of Julie and Craig outside under the trees before speeches and dancing.  Here’s a few photos from the day – enjoy! xbristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography bristol bridal prep photography groom prep photography in bristol groom prep photography in bristol groom prep photography in bristol groom prep photography in bristol groom prep photography in bristol groom prep photography in bristol bristol church wedding winter wedding photographer somerset somerset wedding florist somerset bagpipe player bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer bristol church wedding photographer natural wedding photography somerset funny wedding portraits somerset caricaturist coombe lodge wedding reception coombe lodge wedding reception coombe lodge wedding reception coombe lodge wedding reception somerset wedding table decorations somerset wedding table decorations somerset wedding table decorations somerset wedding florist somerset wedding cakes bristol and somerset wedding photos somerset reportage photographer wedding photographer in somerset coombe lodge blagon grooms speech photography coombe lodge wedding speeches somerset winter wedding photography coombe lodge wedding photography blagdon wedding photos coombe lodge blagdon winter wedding at coombe lodge bridemaids portraits somerset beautiful wedding photography somerset beautiful wedding photography somerset somerset wedding photographer blagdon somerset wedding photos at coombe lodge coombe lodge wedding portraits blagdon wedding portraits sunset at coombe lodge dancing at coombe lodge coombe lodge wedding photos coombe lodge dancing coombe lodge winter wedding



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