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hilles house weddingHannah & Leon chose to tie the knot at the wonderful Purchasing Tramadol in Stroud near Gloucester.  Hilles House sits on top of the Cotswold Hills  which is the perfect location for a wedding venue with stunning views over five counties!  Inside the house is no less special; it’s an eclectic mix of colours, fabrics and ornamants from all over the world.  A real treat to photograph.  The weather was amazing for the entire the day too.  During the wedding ceremony it absolutely hammered down – which is fine…  then for the duration of the reception the rain held so we could all enjoy the scenery outdoors before the heavens opened again as guests moved inside for the wedding breakfast.  I love it when a plan comes together!  Here’s a few of my favourite photos from the day – I hope you enjoy them!hilles house wedding hilles house wedding blog winter wedding gloucestershire gloucestershire wedding dresses cheltenham wedding boquet cheltenham florist hills house bridal prep reportage wedding photographer cheltenham wedding make up artist in gloucestershire wedding make up cheltenham flower girl make up cheltenham hilles house wedding photos wedding hair and make up stroud gloucester wedding make up natural wedding photography in gloucester stroud wedding photography hilles house wedding black and white wedding photographer somerset hilles house gloucester wedding suits in gloucester gloucester wedding photographer gloucester photographer wedding kilts in gloucester gloucester natural wedding photography scottish wedding clothes hilles house wedding photographer hilles house wedding photographer documentary wedding photographer in gloucester natural light wedding photographer uk hilles house wedding ceremony relaxed wedding photography stroud natural wedding photography in gloucester hilles house wedding photos wet weather wedding photography gloucester gloucester wedding confetti hilles house wedding photography documentary wedding photography in gloucester hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photography hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos hilles house wedding photos

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