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Well, it’s been a busy few months and we’ve been lucky enough to have shot some beautiful Purchasing Tramadol.  I’m going to try and blog most of them over the next few weeks, but thought I’d start with Amy & Stuart’s wedding at Order Cheap Tramadol Online way back in January… I’m not sure where the time goes!

Here are some shots from the day:

halswell park

red wedding shoes on a marble table in halswell house

red wedding shoes halswell house somerset

wedding dress hung from a wooden door in halswell house

smiling bride at halswell house

getting ready at halswell house

bride arrives at a church in somerset with her father

bride sees her groom for the first time at a wedding

first kiss at a wedding in somerset

happy couple leave the church after marrying near taunton

bride carries a good luck charm around her arm

a harpist plays at a wedding in halswell house

a wedding guest hugs the groom at halswell house in somerset

the groom touches his brides face during his speech

bride looks at groom and smiles during their first dance halswell

halswell house first dance

halswell house at night

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