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Decorative Image

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod - Tramadol Online Germany

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod - Tramadol Online Germany

Pre wedding photo shoots are the perfect way for you to get used to being photographed if you're a little shy and they're a great way for us to get to know eachother. Pre wedding shoots are available during the week and usually take 1-2 hours. They are relaxed, informal and lots of fun - honestly!


I will normally choose the location but please let me know if you have somewhere special in mind. I will usually leave you to interact and have fun rather than pose you too much. The photos are more natural that way, but I can always give you some pointers if you need some help so don't worry! Feel free to bring a change of clothes or anything else you might like - it's really up to you.

• Book a date & agree a location.
• Wear whatever you like!
• Allow 1-2 hours for the shoot.
• Relax, chat and have fun!