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      Things people often ask!

      These are just some of the most common questions I receive. If you have a specific question that hasn't been answered below then please get in touch and I'll let you know.

      How would you describe your style?
      Creative documentary, meaning that I only get involved or take control for a few formal photos and only if you want them. Aside from that I am completely unobtrusive.
      Will you take group photos?
      If you want some (or family want you to!) then yes of course. Try to limit the number to around 6 and allow around 4 minutes per photo. That will give you an idea of how long the session will take.
      Are you insured?
      Yes for £2m public liability and £75k professional indemnity.
      What happens if you're ill on our wedding day?
      I haven't ever missed a wedding and I would have to be seriously ill not to attend! If it did happen then I'm a member of several photographer support groups both locally and nationally. I would organise another photographer of similar style to take my place.
      Do you carry backup equipment?
      Yes I carry double the equipment, batteries and memory cards that I would ever need for a wedding.
      We don't like having our photos taken, can you help us relax?
      Yes of course. I also hate having my photo taken so I'm sympathetic to that feeling. I never make portrait sessions too intense and try to go with how you guys are feeling. Consider a pre-wedding shoot if you'd like to practice before the day.
      Do you need feeding on the day?
      If that's a possibility I'm always very grateful. Wedding photography is surprisingly physical so a good hot meal before the evening starts really helps to re-energise me!
      How long does it take to receive our photos?
      During peak season you may have to wait 6 weeks.
      Will we own the copyright to the photos?
      The short answer is no by legal default. However my contract includes a 'print release' which entitles you to copy, print and share the photos as you please. The only exception is that you can not use them for commercial purposes.