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Laura & Phillip’s wedding was a thoroughly traditional, textbook English wedding with all the trimmings and boy did they pull it off!  They chose to marry in Halse, near Taunton which is an absolutely stunning little village where Laura grew up.  The entire village seemed to be involved in some way or another in bringing the day together and it was simply wonderful to see such community spirit.  I joined Laura for a little while in the morning at her parent’s house where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the day.  Then I met Phillip briefly in the local pub before returning to Laura as she was whisked away to Purchasing Tramadol in a horse and cart!  After the ceremony the happy newlyweds were taken to The Old Cider House which is owned by friend’s of theirs who let them use the beautiful grounds for the marquee wedding reception (in exchange for a slice of wedding cake!).   It really doesn’t get more English than that!  Here’s handful of my favourite photos from the day which I hope you enjoy.  If you’re planning on getting married soon and you’re looking for a photographer to capture you day in a relaxed and unobtrusive way then please get in touch.
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