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Kara & Tom’s wedding was set at the beautiful Purchasing Tramadol in Somerset.  Kara, Tom and all their guests certainly made the most of the day, from an emotional outdoor ceremony in glorious sunshine, right up until Tom’s musicial friends and even his own band had people dancing late into the night!  Great venue (Greg at Gants Mill is a superb organiser and lovely guy), great crowd, beautiful ceremony and a BIG party.

Gants Mill

Gants Mill Bride

Gants Mill Groom

Gants Mill Wedding

Gants Mill Wedding Photography

Gants Mill

Bridea and Father at Gants Mill

Groom waiting for Bride at Gants Mill

Gants Mill Wedding Photography

Somerset Weddings

Gants Mill Wedding Photography

Happy Friends and Family at Gants Mill

Gants Mill Confetti

Somerset Wedding Couple

Groom and Best Man

Summer at Gants Mill

Somerset Wedding Photographers

Gants Mill Weddings

Gants Mill Wedding

Somerset Weddings

Gants Mill Wedding Photography

Best Men Rehearsing Speeches

Gants Mill Wedding Photography

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