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Wowsers what happened to 2016?!?!  It literally feels like only a few weeks ago that I was posting our Purchasing Tramadol on the blog!  Well 2016 has been another fantastic year for How Photography and we’re feeling very blessed thanks to all our fabulous couples.  We have been lucky enough to have been invited to capture over 50 weddings all over the UK and look forward to a similar year in 2017.  This is just a small selection from the year which I’ve really struggled to put together if I’m honest.  I’m not sure how to sum up such a huge year in one blog post but here’s my attempt…  I hope you enjoy it! -x-

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Beautiful people, Cute details, awesome emotions all captured with precision – Stunning Images!
My favourite – Double kiss on the bearded gent!

Amazing images, my fav has to be the bouncy castle deflating haha

Laura Cooper-Young

This makes me even more excited to have you at our wedding in September!

Oh man you smashed 2016. Some absolute amazing pictures here. Well done dude

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