How Photography is me (Russ) and my wife Laura.  I either shoot weddings on my own or I team up with Laura for weddings that demand two photographers.  Laura is a very talented photographer and we have shot over 170 weddings together so we’re a very experienced wedding photography duo!  If you’re not sure whether you need just me or both of us, check out the info page for advice.


I’m Russ.  I live in Somerset in a tiny town called Axbridge with my wife and fellow photograher Laura, our lovely boy Charlie and the world’s coolest cat, Elmo.

I love music. I play piano, guitar and sing in a band with some dads I met in the playpark. Pretty rock and roll I know.

I was a hyperactive kid and I’m a high energy adult. I don’t need much sleep and I’m totally incapable of doing nothing. I don’t understand the concept of ‘lying in’, there’s simply too much to be doing and I love that about life. I’ve found that being able to draw on this energy in my job is a huge bonus.

I’ve always had a passion for photography, but I never considered it as a career choice until eight years ago. I thought it was a bit, well, too much fun I suppose. So I spent a few years working ‘proper’ jobs but I just couldn’t settle in any of them. I didn’t fit. I am a photographer. I’m a happier person as a photographer. But for me it has to be weddings as no other genre of photography provides such a vibrant and positive mix of human emotion.


Laura is a superhero.  During the week she’s mum and most weekends she’s the other half of How Photography.

She loves music too and has good taste I think!  She also loves spinning, running, body pump and a whole plethora of excersise classes who’s very names make me feel a bit scared.

Laura’s introduction to wedding photography came in 2009 when I had just started as a solo photographer.  She came along to to the first few weddings to help carry equipment, provide moral support (I was very nervous!) and to take some ‘extra’ candid photos.  It became very quickly apparent that she had a natural skill for composition and timing and more and more of her ‘extra’ photos became main gallery images.  Whilst slightly annoying at the time it all turned out rather well.


We aim to capture real moments without influencing them so we don’t interrupt and we don’t tell anyone what to do. It’s your wedding and there are no rules about which photos you should or shouldn’t have. If you don’t want a staged photo of you signing the register, don’t have one! So much happens at weddings there’s really no need to set anything up.

We do encourage couples to spend a short time away from everyone for a few relaxed portraits but again, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. We’re also more than happy to shoot a handful of group photos, but for most of the day we’ll be looking for the laughter, the tears, the hugs and the love.

We really try to blend in and have fun with everyone while we work because we find that if people are relaxed around us, they tend not to notice the camera. People often say it was just like having an extra guest or two and we believe that’s the key to good documentary wedding photography. Not only to be completely immersed in the day but also to be in tune with the energy of it.