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Come and meet 'the team'!

We are Russ & Laura. Hi! We met 14 years ago and finally married in 2012. We live in a little town in Somerset called Axbridge where everyone knows everyone and we wouldn't have it any other way. We share our lives with a wonderful 5 year old boy called Charlie and a tiny cat called Elmo. We've been wedding photographers since 2009 and we couldn't imagine doing anything else. Here's a little bit about each of us and how we work.


I’m Russ. During the week I run the day to day business at How Photography like edits, emails and all that stuff.

When I'm not at How Photography HQ you'll likely find me at the gym, down a cave or on the sofa eating Toblerone and drinking tea.

I love Music and occasionally play and sing in a 'band' with friends. Really it's just musical chaoas and an excuse to drink beer and make loud noises but hey!

Other things I like include steak, curry, red wine, my life, The Beatles and Bon Iver.


Hello! I'm Laura. I'm usually the one who knocks on the bride's door on wedding mornings whilst Russ is off somewhere with the boys. I'm told I have a very calming influence, I guess 200 plus weddings will do that to a gal!

During the week I'm busy doing the things Mums do, you know like all the jobs, the endless, wonderful jobs that keep everyone healthy and happy and I love it!

When all the jobs are done, well okay sometimes not all of them as I'm sure Russ will tell you, I'm out on my road bike Liv! We clocked up well over 3,500 miles in 2017 and I'm aiming for 5,000 in 2018. I'll be cycling from Cheddar to Paris in August with friends and Russ and Charlie are part of the support team!

I love great food especially if it comes with gravy.



We're all about letting you and all your guests relax and enjoy the day. We don't interupt or tell anyone what to do at any point. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible so that we can capture the natural, spontaneous interactions without being an influence on them.

The only time we get directly involved is to take a limited number of group photos and only if you've asked for them. Even during our short portrait sessions we tend to just let our couples have a cuddle and chat whilst we snap away. It's usually the first chance you'll have had to actually catch up and enjoy a little quiet time!

We're then hands off again for the rest of the day.

If you've booked both of us Laura will disappear at the start of the sit down meal. Russ stays until a little while after the first dance to capture some of the evening partying!