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bristol and somerset wedding photography_0000

Well, what a year 2014 has been!  One of the best things about wedding photography is that although you can obviously do your best to prepare, you really have no idea what will actually happen on the day.  That’s truly part of what makes our job so exciting and keeps us on our toes.  From freak thunderstorms to blistering heat, outdoor summer ceremonies to late night, Purchasing Tramadol, power cuts to caterers going AWOL and all kinds of other challenges – it’s been fun!  2014 has taken us all over the UK to some fabulous venues where we’re been able to share some incredible stories.  Thank you so much to all of you who invited us to shoot your amazing weddings; you’re the reason we love what we do so much.

Here’s a very small selection of our work this year.  If you’d like to talk to us about your upcoming wedding, please get in touch as we’d love to hear about it.

Have a fantastic 2015!  Laura & Russ -x-

bristol and somerset wedding photography_0001bristol and somerset wedding photography_0002bristol and somerset wedding photography_0003bristol and somerset wedding photography_0004bristol and somerset wedding photography_0005bristol and somerset wedding photography_0006bristol and somerset wedding photography_0007bristol and somerset wedding photography_0008bristol and somerset wedding photography_0009bristol and somerset wedding photography_0010bristol and somerset wedding photography_0011bristol and somerset wedding photography_0012bristol and somerset wedding photography_0013bristol and somerset wedding photography_0014bristol and somerset wedding photography_0015bristol and somerset wedding photography_0016bristol and somerset wedding photography_0017bristol and somerset wedding photography_0018bristol and somerset wedding photography_0019bristol and somerset wedding photography_0020bristol and somerset wedding photography_0021bristol and somerset wedding photography_0022bristol and somerset wedding photography_0023bristol and somerset wedding photography_0024bristol and somerset wedding photography_0025bristol and somerset wedding photography_0026bristol and somerset wedding photography_0027bristol and somerset wedding photography_0028bristol and somerset wedding photography_0029bristol and somerset wedding photography_0030bristol and somerset wedding photography_0031bristol and somerset wedding photography_0032bristol and somerset wedding photography_0033bristol and somerset wedding photography_0034bristol and somerset wedding photography_0035bristol and somerset wedding photography_0036bristol and somerset wedding photography_0037bristol and somerset wedding photography_0038bristol and somerset wedding photography_0039bristol and somerset wedding photography_0040bristol and somerset wedding photography_0041bristol and somerset wedding photography_0042bristol and somerset wedding photography_0043bristol and somerset wedding photography_0044bristol and somerset wedding photography_0045bristol and somerset wedding photography_0046bristol and somerset wedding photography_0047bristol and somerset wedding photography_0048bristol and somerset wedding photography_0049bristol and somerset wedding photography_0050

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